Picture of Miltary Flags
US Army Flag


Picture of Chopper on Truck

ATTENTION: Here at US GOV FREIGHT we are proud to focus 100% of our efforts on keeping our troops supplied with the items they require to maintain the Rights and Freedoms that we as American Citizens enjoy. We do this by assuring that the equipment and supplies our troops require are moved quickly, safely, and arrive in a timely manner to where ever they need it. May it be Military Base to Military Base, Manufacturer to Military Base, or Military Base to an untold location somewhere in the fields, woods, or mountains of our Great Nation we WILL get it there.

Picture of Wrecker on Truck

There is no load that we cannot or have not moved, from the Mighty Abrams M1A1 Tank, Cargo Trucks and Trailers, Small & Large Howitzers, Kitchen Vanís, PLS Trucks, Mobile Bridges, 5-ton M936 Wreckers, 6-ton M750 Vans, Fire Trucks, M916A3 Truck Tractors, Torpedo Tubes, Periscopes, Aircraft Parts, Engines, Black Hawk, Cobra Jet, Chinook & Huey Helicopters, to the uniforms, boots and even MRIís — whatever they need, wherever they need it, we get it there and we take American Pride in what we do.