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Welcome to US GOV FREIGHT Central Dispatch center. This is the heart of our operation. Calls come into Central Dispatch all day every day for various reasons including; Military Bases nationwide offering us freight to move, available freight, dispatch information, location of moving freight, pick up and delivery scheduling, and many other things.

Calls to Central Dispatch can be made from 0600 to 1500 (Pacific Time) Monday thru Friday. Our Dispatch staff is here to assist you in any way they possibly can.

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Our company relies on the professionalism, training, and knowledge of our dispatchers in this department to run the operations of what we do — MOVE GOVERNMENT FREIGHT. We do this with a higher level of Pride and Integrity then anyone else in the industry and with a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Why do drivers keep coming back to haul for us? Because they know if they see a load posted by us IT IS OUR LOAD. We DO NOT FISH! They know that when our dispatchers give information about a load we stand by that information. You’ll get the complete information, the whole story, the truth and nothing but the truth. We do everything we can to make the experience of picking up and delivering our freight as simple as possible for the drivers, the shippers, and the receivers.